Tyler Herro blessure

For Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Final, Heat travels back to TD Garden, but this time without Tyler Hero, he suffered a hip injury. Not so disastrous package for Miami?

Tyler Hero has proven this season that he can elevate it anytime. In October, we saw him coming out of big announcements he didn’t care about at all. He won the sixth Man of the Year trophy in May following the words of action. If we dig a little deeper, the guard was a key component in Eric Spolestra’s rotation and poses a constant danger to the opposing team. 45% of shooting with 20 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, more firearms than any other sixth man in the league in this position. He perfected the work of holders like Jimmy Butler or Pam Adebayo in scoring perfectly. On very hot evenings, the group left balloons for him to perform a show. But now out of the playoffs, former Kentucky player Stall. Completely lost on the field, we find Tyler Hero more erratic and less decisive. As if the pressure was eating away at him inside. Due to the statistical contribution of the level, we are far from the usual account. “Only” 13.5 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists averaged 41% in shooting (taking 5 fewer shots) in the playoffs. Not scary, especially after such a season.

This awkward form can be accurately explained by the wounds he has been dragging for a while. He was unwell and then his ankle deceived him before he was added to his hip list. This last pain prevents him from attending tonight in Game 4, which is very important for his team, which may take the qualifying option. We know that being in good health in the NBA is essential to a player’s longevity, no matter how strong he is. For example, ask Anthony Davis, who was a subscriber at the Los Angeles Hospital. In this series against the Celtics, we are losing the “real” Tyler Hero a little bit. Spolestra no longer hesitates to get him off the ground fast. In the first three games of the series, we can already see a decrease in playing time and therefore statistics. As the sixth man of the year his influence was greatly diminished no matter what room he set fire to. But one certainly does not go without the other. Of course without his minor injuries, Hero would have played basketball much better. Anyway, this is yet another blow to Miami, which has to do without its first choice from the bench against a team playing knife between its teeth to save its skin.

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For Game 4, which could be a turning point in the series tonight, Heat Tyler Hero can not be trusted. A new opportunity for Miami to show the depth of its manpower. We will meet at the start of the feud tonight at 2:30 p.m.


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