UK, Red Arrows aerobatics squadron risks disbandment: pilots accused of sexual harassment and drunkenness before flights

The red arrows can be disassembled. Since the beginning of the year, the British squadron, which performs acrobatic flights such as Frecce Tricolori, has been targeted by Rumors, sects and complaints by more than 40 employees. The times It’s about the young recruits who attended rehearsals and described the show team as “poisonous”. Therefore, it is not a matter of isolated individual cases. Investigations in red arrows It was ordered last spring since then General Michael Wigston, Commander of the Royal Air Force, the report is now about to be released. According to some rumors, daily Mailwill be the content Very bad To be able to cause the group to dissolve.

The allegations will include frequent incidents sexual harassmentbullying younger colleagues and a game similar to Russian roulette that The pilots drank in turn In another cup challenge. The game is also sometimes played the night before the acrobatic rides. To this can be added a kind of misogyny. In fact, the pilots used to name their shows after famous women: Meghan Marklefor the perfect trip, Sienna Milleror middle or Susan Boyle For one it failed miserably. The times He recounts how the alleged victims were told that if they spoke they would be expelled from the RAF. We are talking about years of abuse During which some senior executives allegedly “hidden complaints under the rug” to protect the reputation of People are considered “untouchable”.

Ben Wallacedefense minister United kingdomconfirmed that members red arrows Removed from .’s Air Show teamelite from the RAF because he was investigated for “”unacceptable behaviorMinister of the Armed Forces, James HebbyHe said some staff members had been left off the team for this reason, but said he trusted Sir Wigston and the investigation. In early 2022 squadron commander Nick Critchell He had resigned, apparently in protest of the behavior of his comrades. Two more pilots, lieutenants Will Cambridge And the Damon Greenthen asked to be appointed to a different mission.

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