US-Russia summit on the Ukraine crisis, Biden communicates with Putin from the military hall.  The Kremlin said:

“Glad to see you again.” The virtual summit between American presidents has begun Joe Biden The Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the talks would continue “as long as necessary” given the importance of the confrontation. Biden speaks from the Situation Room, a highly secure room in the basement of the West Wing, where the administration is leading all of the most sensitive interventions, including military ones, such as the blitzkrieg against Osama bin Laden. the hall Out of bounds for printing. At the end of the meeting, the White House confirmed that Biden would contact French, German, British and Italian leaders Mario Draghi. The main theme of the summit isescalation The conflict between Russia and Ukraine, after sending Russian military forces to the border. From what has been learned, US President Putin should expose what sanctions and actions the US could take if Russia decides to invade the country, which it has an interest in defending as a sovereign nation. In addition, Putin and Biden will also discuss hot topics such as cyber security and the construction of gas pipelines connecting Russia with the European Union. The US president was a staunch opponent of Nord Stream 2, the gas pipeline connecting Russia with Germany.

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