Volkswagen showcases a new generation of Amarok trucks, but it's still camouflaged
Volkswagen Amarok 2023

The VW Amarok 2023 will have plenty of new Ford Ranger, with more space and off-road capability

Volkswagen is showing official images of the second generation Amarok pickup, which will be launched at the end of the year. The utility was designed in Germany and Australia, and will, at least for now, only be manufactured in South Africa, in partnership with Ford, where it will be based on the same base as the new Ranger.

Among the major changes in vw amarok
It will be the largest interior space, with a wheelbase of 3.27 meters (17.5 centimeters more). Payload capacity has also increased to 1200 kg. In addition, the truck will have a larger ground clarity
This will help you overcome the obstacles that come your way.

Five engine options have been confirmed, one of which is gasoline and the rest is diesel. will be one of them 2.0 turbodiesel
Available in 150 or 170 horsepower. It has not yet been confirmed that the new Amarok will have a sports version, as well handrail boy
It will have a V6 biturbodiesel engine.

In the list of new VW Amarok equipment, a leadership styles
And more than 30 systems (20 of them are new depending on the manufacturer), which will contribute to the security issue. There will also be wheels up to 21 inches in diameter mounted on multi-use tires.

We also know that a file New Volkswagen Amarok
It will be offered in five versions (Amarok, Life, Style, PanAmericana and Aventura), rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. But the arrival of an electric version is not yet certain.

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For now, the fact is that a file Two generations of Volkswagen Amarok station wagon
They will live together for a while. Manufacturing of the current device continues in Argentina, until further notice. Next door, only the new production forest ranger
arriving in Brazil in 2023.


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