Washing machine tub, do you know what the third compartment is for?  inconceivable

The washing machine tub has three very useful compartments. Perhaps, however, not everyone knows what the third goal is.

there washing machine It contains a third compartment. Perhaps, however, not everyone knows what it is for.

usefulness of this device

there washing machine It is, of course, one of the most useful devices in the home. Indeed, on the contrary, we cannot do without some devices.

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Take, for example, a case dishwasher. It is certainly more convenient to wash cutlery and pans in this way, however, we can do it by hand as well.

What would be so different Wash clothes and fabric by hand that we have at home. Indeed, this process will take a long time.

Be that as it may, not all washing machines are the same, on the contrary: when we go to a store we can immediately recognize that there various types.

Precisely for this reason it is essential to choose the device that best suits our needs. Also because it is a device that we will generally use for many years.

In particular, there Three different types of washing machines. First, there Front loading washing machine Which, at the moment, is still the most popular and chosen by many people.

This model has front openingaExcellent loading capacity that it high rpm. Simply put, it features more advanced technology than other models.

washer slot

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Secondly, we find Top load washerIs characterized by upper door It is vertical structure. Usually, it is preferred by those who have limited space in the room.

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There is, too washing machine Medium buildHowever, it is a good choice for people who live in a small apartment. Usually, this form does not exceed 46 cmeven if, in fact, it can contain quite well 7 kg of laundry.

Washing machine bowl, the use of the three compartments

All is well washing machine At least he has self-esteem Three cabins. To get good results, it is essential to choose the right booth.

washing machine

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For this reason, in the following lines, we would like to provide a detailed description of each part.

First of all, the reporting cabin I am a symbol serves to Pre-washthus for laundry with hard-to-remove stains.

In this case, moreover, instead of the classic detergent, it can be used A little white vinegar.

cabin with The second symbolon the other hand, is quite suitable for Laundry washing.

In fact, probably everyone who uses the washing machine daily, or almost, can already know the function of these compartments.

Be that as it may, there is also third block which may not be known to others. It is, precisely, the cabin that has it clover symbol.

In this tray You just have to pay softening productand therefore not conventional detergents.

However, if you want to use More natural remedies To make your clothes soft, you can choose Sodium bicarbonate.

Therefore, the latter must be poured directly into the basket. Alternatively, if you prefer to usevinegarthen, you must be careful to put it into the slot softener tray which we mentioned above.

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