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Very bright thermal contrasts from 10
Very bright thermal contrasts from 10

A phase characterized by heat exchange along meridians is about to begin, Leading to strong thermal contrasts in Europe. The border zone between two air masses with different characteristics will extend from eastern Spain towards southeastern France, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia and Hungary, and will also include northern Italy starting at the end of the week. Heavy rain is also expected in this area.

Relatively cold arctic air will affect many countries in the north From this imaginary dividing line, with an unusually cold climate for this period. On the other hand, areas to the south will experience warmer weather. In this context, temperatures will also be below average in the north, while central and southern Italy will experience a warmer climate. In particular, the anticyclone in North Africa will be more active in southern and southeastern Europe, where the heat may not only be intense, but also long-lasting.

This type of pattern affecting the first 10 days of June will feature simultaneous extreme weather events in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing cooler weather also to the eastern United States and northeastern Asia while warmer weather will occur between eastern Canada, Greenland, eastern Europe and western Russia. .

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