What typical Swedish dishes should you try?

Have you planned a trip to Sweden and are curious to discover which typical Swedish dishes you should try? When we think of Swedish cuisine, the mind immediately jumps to Swedish meatballs from IKEA. In fact, Swedish culinary traditions are not limited only to dishes served by the low-cost Swedish furniture giant.

Swedish cuisine is based on a few vegetables such as potatoes and beets, because cold temperatures are not conducive to agriculture, and on dishes based on fish (especially salmon and herring) and meat (especially reindeer and elk). Here are the typical Swedish dishes that you cannot miss.

What to eat in Sweden

there Swedish cuisine He prefers simple but delicious dishes prepared with few ingredients and usually seasoned with raspberry sauce. It also plays an important role Food street. On the streets of the main Swedish cities you can easily find stalls or kiosks selling fried anchovies, hot dogs and smoked salmon, as well as fish cakes.

Typical Swedish dishes you can try – wineandfoodtour.it

Moose and reindeer meat, a rare or even exotic dish for us to eat, is for the Swedes a cornerstone of their culinary tradition.

Köttbullar with mousse and silt

The first typical Swedish dish you should eat is meatballs. As far as the original name of this dish, Cutpolar with Mousse Ouch Silt, Although difficult to pronounce, the dish is very simple and delicious. These are very simple meatballs of various kinds with raspberry sauce. It can be eaten as an appetizer or as a main dish.

sIltalerik, herring

the salted fish They are the most famous dish in Swedish cuisine. They can be cooked in different ways: fried, marinated, smoked, or stewed and flavored with a variety of ingredients such as onions, eggs, mustard, sour cream, or berries. One of the most famous dishes is the so-called Glasmeistersild It is based on herring marinated in a mixture of red onions, radishes, carrots, peppers, bay leaves, mustard and ginger. After marinating, the next step is to flavor the herring in a mixture based on water, sugar and vinegar.

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Another famous one Swedish recipe depends on salted fish bread and Filled with anchovies, butter and parsley.

Salmon and blue lobster are among the typical Swedish dishes

Swedes love to eat SalmonIt is either marinated or made into a patty with potatoes, butter and onions.

What are traditional Swedish dishes?

What are the traditional Swedish dishes – wineandfoodtour.it

Me too’Blue lobster It is one of the dishes that Swedes love most.

Other typical Swedish dishes

Soup is another dish that is eaten daily in Sweden in addition to soup Reindeer and elk meat Fried or grilled. No less popular are Swedish sausages and frankfurters.

As for desserts, you must try the pibarcakur, or the delicious ones Ginger biscuits.


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