PlayStation Game Pass Project Spartacus

It looks like a PlayStation game card is on its way to you. Rumors of a PlayStation Now renewal or extension called Project Spartacus have been circulating, and now appears to be the perfect time for Sony to reveal it. Before the almost inevitable announcement, we want to take a look at our hopes for the service and what it can do to successfully compete against Xbox Game Pass.

What we want to see in Playstation Game Pass

PlayStation Now only received lukewarm enthusiasm from Sony, even as Xbox Game Pass continues to push Microsoft into the daily conversation over and over again. So far, Sony has stuck to the traditional game sales model, relying on premium exclusives to sell consoles. However, it looks like PlayStation will finally take the subscription game model in earnest if the rumors about Project Spartacus are true.

However, despite receiving much less fanfare than Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now serves a similar purpose. So, aside from marketing, why not resonate with gamers in the same way?

Day One Exclusives

The important thing Sony is missing in PlayStation Now are the exclusive titles for Day One. One of the selling points of Xbox Game Pass is that you get the latest first-party games on the day they’re released at no additional cost. PS Now is great if you want access to a selective catalog of old titles, but the lack of new titles makes it a less attractive purchase for most players.


Sure, only a small part of gamers care about backwards compatibility. However, just promising to play those ancient gold nuggets whenever you want is enough to draw a huge audience to the console. PS Now offers a good selection of PS2 and PS3 titles, but it could go much further than that. Both PS4 and PS5 can easily emulate PS1 and PS2, and PS5 has such power that a PS3 emulator shouldn’t be out of their reach. Ideally, PlayStation Game Pass would take advantage of the catalog of every PlayStation console that is produced, including the PSP and Vita.

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user interface

Xbox Game Pass is integrated into the Xbox operating system. So you are constantly reminded of the service and what you have to offer. Sony should be working toward the same level of integration rather than just creating an annoying board on XMB every now and then.

In other news, Sony’s stock took a hit after news of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, and Spider-Man: Miles Morales was one of the best-selling games of 2021.


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