Whatsapp provides a long-awaited functionality – and thus increases the risk of chatting

Whatsapp audio messages can now also be listened to in other chats

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Whatsapp users have always wished that they could switch chats during long voice messages. Now Messenger has been delivered. This brings up a whole new problem.

Even if Whatsapp really started out as a classic text conversation: voice messages have long become one of the most popular and important features of the application. Biggest drawback by far: you had to stay in the same chat while listening to messages. If other messages arrive during long recordings, they quickly become annoying.

Now, Whatsapp has fulfilled the wishes of many users – and with the latest update, it is finally letting you leave the chat while listening to the voice messages. This is easy to implement: if you leave the chat while the message is playing, a blue bar will appear at the top of the app. In addition to the name of the person speaking and the audio recording icon, a thinner black line also shows the progress of the recording. If you want to close the ad, just click on the white cross on the far right.

error prone

Unfortunately, the new design comes with embarrassing chat risks. And not just because you suddenly found yourself in a different conversation than the one in which the message was sent.

By overlaying the top edge, the app changes the view of a chat partner that’s been learned for years: if you just look at the top edge you’re messaging, you can quickly get confused by the extra name display.

The smartphone displays a WhatsApp chat where only codes are sent back and forth.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the blue bar does not disappear when the message is finished: even if you close and reopen the app, the blue voice message bar will remain at the top. Only when you change the chat, it is automatically hidden. So Whatsapp users should be more careful in the future and take a closer look.

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