World hamburger day: the secret ...

In the World hamburger dayIt is celebrated on Friday May 28, Controversy continues over what the original was One of the most sought-after fast food dishes in the world.

Yes good Folk legend says that its name is due to the German port of HamburgIt was the largest commercial activity in the ancient continent during the process of European colonization of America, this theory has not yet been verified.

According to these rumors, many Russian citizens settled in Hamburg, which allowed the expansion of “tartar steak” (steak of tartar, in English). It was in the 17th century that this dish arrived in Germany, an event that made the coastal city begin to adopt and reinvent it.

In any case, it is certain that the many customs of the city and the different countries of immigrants who took boats to reach the New World from the nineteenth century contributed their share of the inspiration that ended up with the round sandwich that became popular – like the hamburger.

Why is International hamburger day celebrated?

The creation of International Hamburger Day on May 28 is due to the convergence of several foundational milestones that occurred at different times.

One of those milestones relates to that In 1900 AD, a German immigrant living in the United States named Louis Lassen prepared for the first time the dish as it is known today.With bread, lettuce, tomato, and cheese, he served it at his restaurant when a customer asked him for something quick and delicious.

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A day like this was also recorded in the records of Hamburg’s bakeries, when the making of signature round loaves began.

The number of the International Hamburger Day celebrated this Friday is unknown, as it is the favorite day of the week for orders for this popular dish, followed by Saturday and Sunday.

Hamburger consumption

A recent survey of their consumption frequency showed that more than half (52%) indicated that they buy them once a week, while 23% indulge themselves every 15 days.

On the other hand, the epidemic caused an increase in hamburger orders in Argentina during 2020 by about 650% compared to the previous year.


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