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This question surprised him…

On Monday evening, it was said on RTL: “Yaush against the lights.” In the quiz program, presenter Gunter Gautsch (65) was challenged this time by TV chef and “Bares for Rares” star Horst Lichter (60). Ironically, when it comes to the culinary stuff, professional sizzlers get it wrong every now and then. Already at first he had to pass.

Again, opponents played for money for the mass of spectators. The jackpot was 50,000 euros. Of course, nerves were rattled here. At first, host Oliver Bucher (44) asked the men five questions each. Among other things, he wanted to know who to choose: “Which cream cheese belongs to the traditionally prepared tiramisu?”

Cut a good character as a medium: comedian Oliver BucherPhoto: RTL/Frank W. Humble

But it got the TV chef in a completely wrong position. Lighter, shocked: “I should know something about that.” From his desk, Jauch quipped: “Emmentaler, right?” As far as his opponent thought, he couldn’t come up with the right solution. Finally, Pocher decided: “It could have been mascarpone.” Lighter commented on his falsity with humor. “Oh, that’s causing problems at home.” Round one went to Gauch in the end.

Here he's not asking questions: Quizmaster Günther Jauch has also worked up a sweat with one question or another

Here he’s not asking questions: Quizmaster Günther Jauch has also worked up a sweat with one question or another Photo: RTL/Frank W. Humble

In the fourth game, Pocher provided four possible answers to each question. Here, for example, Lechter should write: “The term” Bullet “, which is especially popular in Berlin, is due to the fact that …?” The choices were A: fried, B: consisted of beef, C: round, D: originally contained bulgur.

TV chef C straight out. “It depends on how they are shaped. Sometimes they are flatter.” Oliver Bucher explained to him that the word ‘boulette’ derives from the French word ‘boule’ which means ball. “The food issues aren’t really his concern,” the host joked.

Who would have thought?  Horst Lechter can also be wrong when it comes to food issues

Who would have thought? Horst Lechter may also be wrong when it comes to culinary questionsPhoto: RTL/Frank W. Humble

During the show period, Lichter again made a mistake in his specialty. Shortly before the final, he and Jauch must score several ‘true’ or ‘wrong’ theses. Someone read, “There is not a single Michelin-starred restaurant in all of New York.” Lichter believes this to be true. “I’ve been there. There are wonderful places and extraordinary things. But if that is the case, it must be relatively new.”

And again, he had to be enlightened by Bucher, who read from his menu: “There are 48 restaurants with one star, 12 restaurants with two stars and five with three. It is one of the most culinary capitals in the world.” And Leiter himself could not believe that he did not know it. And he groans: “I made money from food once.” He had to lose quite a bit of feathers by the end. It was 24 to 13 for Josh.

But on the last lap the opponent really got up on the gas again, knew a lot and stole points from Günther Jauch. In the end, Horst Lichter narrowly won the show and earned €50,000 for viewers in his group.

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