Yes, Jeff Bezos can buy and eat La Mona Lisa (if it's on sale)

An unexpected petition went viral on social media this week. She claims that Jeff Bezos, Executive Director From Amazon and the world’s number one fortune, you buy and eat the most famous picture of Leonardo da Vinci. A matter of appetite, not budget, according to the American magazine vice.

the Mona Lisa painting He smiles because everyone who drew a mustache died.Written by André Malraux. Will you still smile at Jeff Bezos’ stomach? A petition has gone viral in recent days on social media, says vice. Signed by more than 8,000 netizens, it asks the CEO of Amazon, the world’s biggest fortune, for the most famous painting on the planet. Then let him eat it.

“No one has eaten yet Mona Lisa And we think Jeff Bezos needs to take a stand, and make that happen.” It advertises the page created by a musician from Maryland. “OK very good, The US news site admits, but why ?” “I honestly don’t know” The 22-year-old answers:

Just because he had the money to do it, that would be a huge advertisement.”



Launched in 1994 in Montreal (Quebec) as an alternative and underground magazine, vice It has become a weight of information online, with offices in 35 different countries and “1700 content published daily”, including


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