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Tabriz a priority for Turkish investors
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Tabriz a priority for Turkish investors

The Turkish Consul General in Tabriz pointed to the profound, common ties of his country with Iran, and said: “Tabriz is a priority for Turkish investors”. At a meeting with the Deputy Governor of East Azerbaijan Province on Monday, Çağlar Fahri Çakıralp said: “I always extend invitations to Turkish investors to come to Tabriz. In return, I also ask Tabrizi investors to go to Turkey. Interactions and trade must be mutual.”  

Iranian cars on route to Eurasia
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Iranian cars on route to Eurasia

Mutual automotive projects with Belarus Unison plant have been discussed at the 14th Joint Commission of Iran and Belarus Economic Cooperation to facilitate Iran’s entrance into the Eurasian market. According to the Belarus Minister of Industries, the signing of an MoU between the two countries in the current year will be the first step towards achieving this.

Syria to import tractors from Iran
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Syria to import tractors from Iran

The Union of Syrian Chambers of Agriculture has signed an MoU to import tractors from Iran. The Chief of the Union of Syrian Chambers of Agriculture said: “Tractors imported from Iran will be at the disposal of all Syrian farmers in the next few days at reasonable prices.”

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Tesla and Volvo seek out 10-year old Iranian inventor


The young 10-year old Iranian boy, Hossein Atayi Sangrudi from Karaj has already 16 inventions in his portfolio. Six of these are in the process of being registered. His inventions include the VTOL three-modality drones, gunboats, office furniture, miniature sprayer, multipurpose control for smart TVs, and so on.

Iran, US should opt long term relations


In an interview with Persia Digest, Adib-Moghaddam said: It is imperative that Iran gets even closer to the EU, not least to keep the communication with Washington going, and to minimize misperceptions.

German Schiller Group Concert in Tehran


The German Schiller Group Concert is taking place in Tehran for the first time. Christopher von Deylen, will be traveling to Tehran with his Group for the first time in mid-December to stage a concert at the Hall of the Ministry of the Interior over two nights on 11-12 December, at 21h30.  

Cooking Tour for Persian dishes


Two young girls by the names of Shirin Tahanan and Matin Lashkari are the initiators of a delicious cooking tour in Tehran. Shirin cooks and Matin organizes the tour.  

New find in Persepolis


The newly discovered gates in Persepolis will soon be turned into a museum site once all the protective and safety measures have been completed.

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Fahimeh Najmi - Le Théâtre, L'Iran et L'Occident


Professor of arts and media studies at Université Paris III, Fahimeh Najmi, has released her book entitled “Le Théâtre, L'Iran et L'Occident” [The Theater, Iran, and the Occident] in Paris on 11 April 2018.  

The first radio transmitter in Iran


Seventy-eight years ago, on 24 April, the first radio transmitter in Iran began broadcasting from the old Shemiran road studios in Tehran. Exactly on 24 April, 1940, a radio service started which presented programs such as news, Iranian music, cultural and artistic subjects, history and geography for eight hours a day. The service was only for Tehran, and for this reason became known as “Radio Tehran”.  

Mousavian and Prince Turki Al Faisal hot debate


With tensions between regional rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia at the brink, a rare dialogue recently took place between two former senior Saudi and Iranian officials. Hosted by the Center for Strategic Studies at the Joint Special Operations University in Tampa, Florida, former Saudi Ambassador to the United States and Director General of Saudi Arabia’s intelligence agency Prince Turki al Faisal debated Hossein Mousavian, a former spokesman for Iran’s nuclear negotiators and chairman of the foreign policy committee of Iran’s National Security Council. The lively discussion touched on each country’s view of its security environment and the broader issues affecting the Iran-Saudi relationship. LobeLog has obtained the full transcript of the conversation, and the following is an abbreviated excerpt covering the key points.  

Persian taught in 200 universities worldwide


The Director of the center for Persian as a second language at the Allameh Tabatabaei University in Tehran has said: “Persian is being taught in 200 universities worldwide.”  

Zarif: Neither Iran nor Saudis can dominate Mideast


Iran's foreign minister said Monday that neither Iran nor Saudi Arabia can be the dominant power in the Middle East and what's needed most is for countries in the Persian Gulf region to talk to each other — not about each other.