Feyenoord Fans haben am 04.11.2021 im Olypmiastadion Pyrothechnick gezündet. (Quelle: imago images)

1: 2 against Feyenoord Rotterdam

The unfortunate Lot Union begins to fail


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Union Berlin also missed the second meeting with Feyenoord Rotterdam. They lost 1: 3 in the first leg. The game was in balance for a long time before Union goalkeeper Andreas Louth began to slide.

On the fourth day of the conference league group stage, Union Berlin lost 2-1 (1-1) to Feyenoord Rotterdam. Luis Cinestera (15th min) and Serial Deserres (72nd) and Christopher Trimmel (41st) scored for Rotterdam in front of about 30,000 spectators at the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

In the conference league Group E table, Union are fourth with three points from four games. However, if two games are to end, a second place and three points needed for the knockout stage is still possible.

The trend of the game

Union got off to a good start and got the first chance of the game through Sheraldo Becker in the sixth minute. But the Netherlands player, who ran into Feyenoord’s goal after Robin Noch’s long pass and header extension, failed to get the last ball past goalkeeper Justin Bijlow. The guests then took control of the game and took the lead in the 15th minute. After Union’s defensive behavior was inactive, Brian Linsen put the ball in the post, resulting in a rebound that was easily converted into a goal by fast-acting Luis Cinistera.

As a result, the union struggled to play forward creatively. The picture changed a few minutes before half time. Now the hosts pushed for a draw, which also fell in the 41st minute. Following Berlin’s corner, Feyenoord was unable to clear the ball decisively, so Union captain Christopher Trimmel equalized with a dream – like flick from 20 meters.

Lot slips miserably

The second half started off very awkwardly. It was in the 57th minute that Union left-back Timothy Buchas stunned his own fans. At the height of the penalty area Feyenoord played a pole cross pass into striker Linson’s legs, and he was lucky to be beaten by Union goalkeeper Andreas Ludi. As the game went on, the game opened more and more minute by minute in the pouring rain. It went back and forth, but without it there were clear chances of scoring.

And in the 72nd minute, Serial Descenders scored 2: 1 for Bayern, but did not rise from the scoring. After the back pass, Berlin goalkeeper Louth lost his legs, slipped on the tested lawn and placed the ball at the feet of Desers, who had no difficulty hitting from eleven meters. Three minutes later, Louth blocked another great chance for the Dutch.

Union finished ninth in the game

Union coach Urs Fischer reacted and brought in Andreas Vauxhall Summer and Cedric Tichard after the previously replaced Tayo Avoni. But instead of scoring opportunities, the union had only two exits to complain.

First, Christopher Trimmel had to hit the ball and leave the field with a yellow-red color. Two minutes later, Cedric Deschard turned red after being attacked by referee Stephensky. The remaining nine unions tried with all their might to reach a balance, but could no longer win decisively.

Short analysis

At first it seemed as if Union was relying on a stylistic device that had been tried and tested on long balls. Becker’s (6th) first chance shows that this could have been a better option against a particularly well-established central defender Feyenoord. In fact, the Berliners tried to free themselves from their grip against the highly defensive Feyenoord in playful ways. It didn’t work for the long part of the first half. And since their own pressure against the ball-safe Dutchmen did not have the expected effect, the Union simply seemed inferior.

That only changed when the Union team was pushed forward collectively. In the second half, sometimes the wild game developed without much structure and without enough accuracy in the last third. Chances were slim until Andreas Louth paid homage to the weather conditions. However, Union would have saved the back pass to its goalkeeper and saved some short pass attempts in the first half.

That’s what the network says

If the first goal had come a few minutes earlier, no one would have seen it:

Lot’s mistake forgiven by rain:

What do unions think about the recommendations:

Game on live ticker

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