Anatolij Karpov hospitalized after a fall -
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The press office of the United Russia party reported that the former world chess champion “receives all necessary medical treatment.” However, according to the head of the Russian Entrepreneur Movement, he is the victim of an attack by outsiders

Former chess champion and deputy of the United Russia party, Anatolij Karpovhe is Hospitalized in a Moscow clinic. According to the party’s press office in Duma, Karpov “was taken to one of the clinics in the capital because of home injuryKarpov, 71 years old, “receives the necessary medical treatment. We are in constant contact with the parliamentarian’s relatives,” this is stated in a note contained in the statement published by TASS.

But shortly before October 31, Andrei KovalevThe head of the Russian Businessmen Movement announced via Telegram that Karpov was taken to the hospital “in intensive care after Attack by strangersHe was kept in a “pharmacological coma”. Karpov’s assistantAlbert Stepanyan Instead he denied it This reconstruction in an interview with TASS. Karpov was opposed to Putin along with another chess champion, his rival Garry Kasparov.

Oct 31, 2022 (change on Oct 31, 2022 | 20:10)

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