Madonna a sus 63 años reta a la censura con sus fotos de Instagram

Madonna, Connection “queen of popShe set the networks on fire and surprised the whole audience by showing some in a very provocative way Pictures and naked for him Instagram.

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The 63-year-old singer has always been surrounded by controversy as she always liked to break the rules, this time doing so with her pictures in mini outfits where there are some nudes.

Fishnet stockings, black lingerie, and high-heeled shoes were the outfit Madonna agreed with her signature blonde for the erotic photoshoot, where you can see one of her nipples and even her buttocks.

The nine photos in the post managed to circumvent Instagram’s strict policies regarding nudity, mainly by showing off nipples, which is why a large number of photos have been deleted and even the #Freethenipple campaign against censorship has been enforced.

After less than a day on the platform, Madonna’s photos have already exceeded 1 million likes and nearly half a million comments.

In her Instagram stories, the artists shared some other photos from the same session with a phrase attributed to poetess Mary Oliver.

“Beauty without purpose, it is beauty without virtue, but all beautiful things have that function of excite the spectators towards a sublime idea. Glory to the world is a good teacher”

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Although this sensual photo session was shared without any context, some netizens do not forgive the recent controversy that Madonna participated in, after she was judged for not paying for the technical services she provided. Photographer Stephen Klein V magazine.

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