Summer in danger has been confirmed regarding flights by plane. As reported in previous articles, there has been talk for weeks of real chaos that does not spare any airport. Travelers’ protests are growing and more often than not, these days, they find themselves having to face uncontrollable delays if not real cancellations. Just yesterday, British Airways had to announce this, explaining that it had to cancel hundreds of flights related to the summer season.

7,000 flights at risk in Italy

The problem, as we said, concerns all European and American airports. It is impossible not to feel the consequences even in Italy, as it is estimated that they will come between July 1 and September 30 Deleted No less than 7 thousand trips. The number rises to 41 thousand if we take into account all the airports in Europe. And what about travelers? In a worst-case scenario, we’re talking about 1.8 million passengers who will be left on Earth.

In an effort to stop this situation, the Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility announced Enrico Giovannini He held a table that included all categories of the sector, specifying that a real solution could only be found through European interventions.

The strikes don’t stop

Moreover, the protests of the cabin crew do not stop. distance strikes In June, the July demonstrations were already announced. Next Tuesday (July 12th), disturbances are expected due to protests from airport employees registered with the United Base Federation. On July 17, a 4-hour strike is scheduled from 2-6 pm (Uiltrasporti and Filt Cgil actually reduced the strike hours announced by EasyJet, Ryanair, Malta Air, Volotea and Crewlink from 24 to 4), while until July 29 it will be There is a lot of extra work.

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However, if a solution is not found, the uprisings will not stop. There is a lot of demand for flights in Airlines, who are no longer able to keep up, also because in the latter they have significantly reduced their staff. Everything is missing, airport crew, pilots, cabin crew, flight controllers.

The Damage These last few days are there for all to see, but the reason is not just due to the employees who are working at a stressful pace.

Meanwhile, the tourism sector is increasingly concerned. “The situation is very serious. If the predictions are confirmed, hundreds of thousands of users will see their holidays in jeopardy and ruin could be a millionaireexplains Ivana Jelinec, president of Fiavet, a consortium that brings together travel and tourism companies, to Nation.


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