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Apologies come from 3B WeatherForecasts are wrong for Tuesday, June 28th. On the site, in fact, we read: “Yesterday also 3bmeteo I made a mistake Important for forecasts in a large part of Lombardy, particularly central-west Piedmont, as well as eastern Piedmont. “In fact, the thunderstorms that were supposed to occur in the evening did not exist. The reason? Liguria. According to experts, the latter veered towards the east, ”Incompatible with all models expectations. For this reason, the investments included the eastern Lombards, bypassing western Lombardy and eastern Piedmont.

Hence the readers apologized: “Sometimes we make mistakes, but that kind goes unfortunate Beyond our every possibility It falls within the science of meteorology, a science that is still inaccurate today. However, we hope that even by explaining the reason for these far-reaching mistakes, the relationship with you can be solidified.”

On the other hand, the weather lately has surprised everyone: record temperatures and drought are affecting the whole of Italy with worrisome consequences to say the least. However, it’s the meteorologists’ fear, we’re only at the beginning: Sharon, african cycloneHe’ll be with us all next week when the thermometer stays red.

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