An amateur photographing the Starliner capsule behind the International Space Station

A photographer captured a Starliner capsule as it approached the International Space Station.

Photographic work:

The pursuit of the International Space Station through a telescope, which has a speed of 28,000 km / h above our heads, has become the hobby of few photographers. In January 2021 I brought you the amazing shot by Michael Tschran. This amateur Israeli astronomer has developed a computer program to follow the International Space Station using a motorized 35cm telescope. This time it’s a Zappulex survivor (space station buddies) that hit hard. He managed to immortalize the Starliner capsule approach on May 20 (on the video). 200 meters separate the capsule from the station at this time:

Nagy Zabulk’s technical means are much more modest than those of his colleague Michael Zukran. To achieve this amazing image (from London), he manually followed the capsule behind the International Space Station using his 25cm telescope equipped with a camera.

Another American carrier:

After the capsule dragon crew from SpaceX, and NASA It now has a second tanker with the Starliner developed by Boeing. International Space Station (IS in english for International Space Station) get her independence. The US space agency will no longer need to invite Russia and Soyuz for its next supplies. It remains to be hoped that Starliner can return to Earth on May 25 without incident.

The International Space Station passes over a sink. © Jean-Baptiste Feldman

Know that even without a telescope it is very easy to follow the movement in the sky of the International Space Station as I explain it to you here. The station is actually as bright as Jupiter because of its many panels that reflect sunlight toward us. All you have to do is know the traffic times for a particular place by consulting the site the sky from above.

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