iCloud Backup: A temporary storage solution in case you run out of space.

iCloud Backup: A temporary storage solution in case you run out of space.

According to Apple, iCloud has undergone some modifications. No, there’s no longer any free storage, but iCloud+ will be available this fall at no additional cost. With additional features like Hide Email Address, expanded HomeKit Secure Video support and a new internet privacy service – iCloud Private Relay – iCloud+ brings together everything customers might need. My personal favorite is HomeKit Secure Videos, which has 5 cameras in a 200GB storage package and an unlimited number of cameras in 2TB. Currently, the 200GB package only includes one camera that can record to iCloud.

However, the focus of this discussion will be on another topic: limited iCloud storage while performing backups. Imagine the following scenario: iCloud storage is full and you don’t have enough spare space to switch to a new device. So what is the next solution? Then a new feature will be introduced with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. To transfer your files, you need to use iCloud cache.

Users can now use iCloud Backup to transfer their data to a new device even if they don’t have enough space on their old devices. Users can use iCloud for free to save as much data as they need for a temporary backup for up to three weeks. This will allow you to automatically transfer all your apps, data, and settings to your new device.

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