Croatia will be part of the Schengen area from 2023. Netherlands and Austria veto Romania and Bulgaria, Schinas:

there Croatia JoinedSchengen area From January 1, 2023. For the first time in ten years, another country will contribute to expanding the group of countries with Free movement of goods, capital and peopleAfter today’s decision by the interior ministers. The goal has not yet been achieved, however, before Romania And the Bulgaria Which can boast of broad support among member states, but which have to deal with veto For some members of the Council of the European Union such as Austria And the Holland.

Bucharest And the SophiaHowever, they can still count on a broad consensus, even from important countries such as France And the Italia, having demonstrated that it complies with all the standards required by the European Union institutions. From what has been learned, the situation in Bulgaria is the cause of the greatest doubts, while for Romania there would be greater unanimity. “Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania are technically ready to join Schengen, they have done everything we asked of them and more, The remaining doubts are of a political nature. Therefore, I hope that common sense will prevail,” said the Vice-President of the European Union Commission, Margaritas Schinas. The EU is stronger. If Schengen expands, it means more control, not less. Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania are ready for this Protect our bordersIt is not fair not to give them the opportunity they deserve, if not today in the next few days. Elva Johansson: “Congratulations to Croatia. Instead I say to Bulgaria and Romania “You deserve to join, you have strong support from almost all Member States and from the Commission.” I cross Disappointment and sadness Because when we don’t unite, we are weaker. But I am convinced that we will achieve the entry of Bulgaria and Romania into this legislature and it will be my priority to achieve this.” Congratulations to Zagreb It also comes from the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola.

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Attesting to the fact that Romania and Bulgaria also have a compact majority in admissions positions in the Schengen Area, even among the founding states, are the words of the French government: “ France Supports the entry of Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania into Schengen, as they are European countries and their entry will be an important step in managing Balkan routesaid the interior minister Gerald Darmanin Before joining the Council of Internal Affairs. He added that the entry of the three countries “will allow us to control our borders better, with a very strong commitment on their part.” even the foreign minister, Anthony TajaniHe stressed that Italy “supports the entry of Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia.”


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