Actualités du navigateur Google Chrome Android

Google is constantly developing Chrome, striving to make the most used browser on the Internet even better. Usually these are changes that innovate and bring novelty to this software on all platforms.

To show it, the search giant now has something new. It picks up internet technology that many thought was disappearing and makes it active again. Chrome now has a new Follow feature that opens to everyone.

This is a novelty that Google has been betting on for a few months now. There are many versions of Chrome that can be tested, albeit in a very controlled and limited manner. The idea was to assess its ease of use and the presence of bugs and problems.

Now this novelty has finally been extended to all Chrome users. Not much has changed since the first tests, its functionality remains the same and allows users to access more information in a direct and focused manner.

With this new follow feature, there is now a new option in the Android Chrome menu. This allows you to keep track of the visited site, with new posts appearing on the default page of the Google browser.

Next to Google’s news and information suggestions, the Next tab appears, where all posts the user has saved are now displayed. This is where all the news comes from and can be viewed.

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Google is opening up this news widely for Android Chrome. Users who continue I don’t have this option At the end of the browser menu, you can quickly activate it, as we explained in detail before.

At the moment, the continue option is only available in Chrome created by Google for Android. Google promises that it will be extended soon and will become Available on iOS, as expected. Try it and see how easy it is to get more news on your smartphone.


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