6 . armored core It is rumored to be under development from elden ring Creator of software. The game is said to have been revealed via a consumer survey, which leaked a number of details about the alleged sequel.

Armored Core 6 leaks revealed by software survey

Consumer survey, posted on Resetera by user red licoriceIt allegedly contains a “description, screenshots and two 30-second videos of gameplay”. According to the user, the first video showed a fight between the bosses and the second with the gameplay in the world of a snowy region.

The survey was also revealed, detailing a number of details about the game. Dubbed the “sci-fi world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki”, Armored Core 6 is said to take place on the planet Bashtar and feature a “multi-layered storyline”. The map will be “huge and 3D,” with the survey noting that players can “feel the scale of the mechanical universe.” There will be a variety of maps with a number of challenging enemies, with the possibility of replaying them.

The survey indicates that the fighting will see long-range combat with guns and short-range combat with weapons such as swords and shields. The machines also offer 3D movement “that no human can imitate”, with a high degree of freedom of customization that allows players to “reconfigure body parts and weapons”, allowing them to build a mechanism to suit their playstyle. An example is a mechanism that focuses on close combat and action, focusing on firepower that can deal massive damage to a number of enemies at once.

on condition armored coreThe last major installment was in 2012, fans have been waiting some time for a new entry in the sci-fi third-person shooter series. expansion Armored Core: Judgment DayIt was released in 2013, but fans of the series have been waiting for the next fitting chapter in this story.

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While this is supposed 6 . armored core The leak features a bunch of details, as always, take it with a pinch of salt until From Software makes an official announcement. At the moment, the developer is working on an upcoming RPG from elden ringSo don’t expect any major reveal until after the launch of the RPG.

in other news, Half-life: Alex It is said to be coming to PSVR 2. It has also been revealed that Horizon Forbidden West will not include “boring” side missions.


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