Austria, 'locking' the unvaccinated: no access to restaurants, hotels, theaters, cinemas and concerts.  The use of swabs at work is also allowed

Austria sends in Close unvaccinated. From Monday 8 November which is not fortified NS healed From covid in the past few years six months (the so-called “2G base”) will not be able to reach all those places that were enough before negative buffer (“third generation base”): RestaurantsAnd the hotelsports activities (including ski lifts), hairdressing salons, Events cultural (theatres, cinemas, concerts) and sports with More than 25 participants and recreational activities as well as hospitals and health centers. However, in the workplace, a negative test will still be acceptable. This was announced by the federal government at the conclusion of a summit with state administrations stipulating a period transition Four weeks, during which the first dose with molecular solution is sufficient. In all stores, museums and libraries, it will become a fashion to wear clothes Ffp2 Mask.

Federal Chancellor, Governor Alexander SchallenbergThis measure was justified by the sharp increase in infections in the country: 9.388 Only on Friday, just below the record (9586) reached in November 2020. The hospital photo shows 356 Busy beds in intensive care (but may actually rise next week to more than 500) e 1.381 In regular wings. Infection is among the highest in Europe, with 407 approx every hundred thousand people, and the vaccination campaign is also slowly progressing (only 63.1% have completed the course). When we get in the car, we put it there seat belt“The Covid vaccine is our belt,” Schallenberg said, citing Schallenberg. Pope Francesco who described vaccination as an “act of love”. Nobody intends to divide society, but it is our responsibility to protect people. Occupancy rate in intensive care beds is increasing a lot Faster than expected.”

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Minister of Health Wolfgang Macstein He also called on citizens to undergo the flu vaccination, saying: “We are facing a new wave and we must be prepared,” criticizing “politicians who spread false news.” Austria is one of the countries indicated in dark red – the color indicating maximum infection – in the new map of Europe from ECDC (European Agency for Infectious Diseases): with herIreland, The Belgium, many areas Dutch, the Baltic countries and the Middle East such as Romania NS Bulgaria. “We are back at the epicenter” of the epidemic, said the Europe director. Hans Kluge. With the increase in cases, Germany announced on Friday that the third dose is open for all six months after the secondWith the president of Thuringia Bodo Ramilo who threatened to stop treating those who would not accept management, if the pressure on healthy structures increased excessively.


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