AV1 on Netflix, PS5 and Peugeot boost their e-208

Netflix has been talking about it a lot lately and it’s time for the video quality of its content that will benefit from the AV1. For its part, the PS5 has definitely not been found, but hackers have found a way into its firmware to hack it. On the electric car side, Peugeot wants to boost its 208 e-car. Back to this week’s tech news.

AV1 on Netflix, PS5 and Peugeot boost their e-208 engine – #8211;  Essence of the week's news

Disney + and Netflix introduce new video formats

Streaming services do everything to be the most efficient and provide a quality offer. If Netflix is ​​trying to diversify with the arrival of Netflix Games, the platform will not forget about the video quality of its content. It will publish the AV1 video codec, developed by the Alliance for Open Media (Amazon, Apple, Google, Intel, Nvidia, Microsoft, etc.). This codec allows for a 30% increase in image quality compared to H.265 in particular. For its part, Disney+ has not been left out and has announced the arrival of Imax Enhanced streaming for Marvel movies. Enough to make it more immersive.

PS5 has been hacked: how is that possible?

A group of hackers claim that they have successfully decrypted the PS5 firmware and accessed the encryption keys of the PlayStation 5. It is a software flaw that has been exploited and it is not to reassure Sony.

The autonomy of the Peugeot e-208 and e-2008 has been improved without changing the battery

Increasing the range of your electric car without increasing the cost or modifying a lot of things is the new battle for manufacturers. After Tesla and Audi, Peugeot will make many minor modifications to its cars to improve their range without having to change the battery.

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Test of the week: MacBook Pro 14 with M1 Max

We were able to test the MacBook Pro 14, Apple’s first laptop designed entirely around its new architecture while focusing on a new level of performance never before seen in the company. consequences ? A pro computer and a (real) little revolution.

Source: Arnaud Gelineau - Frandroid

Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

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