Barசாa defeated Betis (0-1), the first defeat for the bench Xavi

Xavi’s FC Barcelona rain. In his fourth match on the Catalan bench, the former club midfielder suffered his first defeat against Real Betis at Camp Nou on Saturday afternoon (0-1). Juanmi, who scored the only goal of the match, was also selected as the man of the match. This is Verdiplancos’ first win at Barcelona since November 2018. This setback leaves Bar பார்a in seventh place with 23 points and allows them to climb the podium with 23 points and 30 units temporarily in Liga.


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Quickly, FC Barcelona put a foot on the ball and confiscated it from Real Betis. Throughout the first period, the Xavier players imposed their game but struggled to provide opportunities. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; Only the crucifix of Jordi Alba, cut by Gudinho, and the poet (36th), who sounded after being freed from the back of Hector Beller’s head, should be remembered at the place where he warned Rui Silva (11th). Action.

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After the break, both teams started again on the same platforms as in the first forty-five minutes: Barசாa turned the ball over and Real Betis played well on defense, blocking well. Hours earlier, Ousmane Dembélé had brought his entry (58th) and movement into the attack. The French international was restless and technically adept, often striking several times (61st, 62nd, 76th, 77th). But Rui Silva was not worried during the meeting.

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Finally, on the contrary, Real Betis managed to punish Barசாa. On the right, Sergei Canales took the ball well and adjusted the defense before sending the ball to Christian Dello in full axis. The former Barcelona, ​​trained at Macia, was then extended to Juanmi on his left, and the latter corrected Marc-Andre Der Stegen with a flat cross (79th). Stunned, the Catalans did not react after that. In the last ten minutes, Plugrana had the foot on the ball, but it was not until the final whistle that formalized the first setback of the Xavi era that it came in front of Real Betis’ goal.

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