Biden offers $100 to anyone who agrees to a vaccination -
From Giuseppe Sarsina

The US vaccination campaign determines the time: this is how the president tries with economic incentives

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Joe Biden is trying by all means to relaunch the vaccination campaign, offering $100 to those who agree to be vaccinated. The president, as he admitted on television, was forced to follow the unexpected developments of the infection. Yesterday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Federal Authority for Infectious Disease Control and Prevention, He confirmed the disturbing news that Anthony Fauci had already predicted. The delta variant is now the domain master and can also infect fully vaccinated people. Of course, those who have completed the course of dosing can almost always develop disease with mild symptoms. But the problem is that it can transmit the virus to others. That, at least, is what emerged from a study in Provincetown, Massachusetts: Of the 469 new cases, two-thirds involved people who had been vaccinated.

Objective management in difficulty. The president is clearly swaying. On the other hand, it appears to want to prepare the country for new and severe restrictive measures. Attorneys from the Department of Justice are looking into whether it is legal to impose a vaccination requirement on everyone. Biden declared pressure on employees in federal departments: Those who have not been vaccinated will have to undergo continuous testing, even two to three times a week. But at the same time, the President inaugurates the Incentive Festival. For example, entrepreneurs who give a few hours of paid time off to employees who miss the serum will be fully compensated.

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But the most controversial part of the speech In February, Biden said the next day, the Kroger food supply chain was giving $100 to its vaccinated employees. And it worked….States like New Mexico, Ohio and Colorado offer similar incentives to increase people’s immunization rate. So today I am appealing to all states and communities to use the money they received from the US bailout to give $100 to everyone who gets vaccinated. I know paying people to get vaccinated might seem unfair to someone who has already done it. But here’s the thing: If incentives help us beat the virus, I think we should use them.

In fact, Congress has agreed to another destination To Fund the American Rescue Plan: Strengthening Hospitals and Services in the Region. Now, however, Biden’s message is that public health can and should be monetized. If the White House fails to convince the Americans, In the name of science and the higher collective interest (the president’s repeated words), then try to buy it with a fist of dollars.

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