bitfenix logoBitFenix ​​is ​​relaunching a well-known case with the Prodigy M 2022. But the new version has been greatly updated, and thus should be quite contemporary.

The original Prodigy M was launched in 2013 as a micro-ATX case. The cube is visually formed by distinctive knobs and stand rails. The same basic design can now also be found in the Prodigy M 2022. Already in the USB 3.1 type port, it is clear from the outside that it is a more modern case. The I/O panel also provides two USB 3.0 ports and audio jacks.

But the new glass side panel is more visible on all versions of the Prodigy M 2022: it is located on the right side of the case and makes the integrated devices visible. With the A-RGB variant, the glass also features three pre-assembled 120mm A-RGB fans and two 30cm A-RGB LED strips. The lighting can be controlled via the built-in console or a suitable mainboard. Non-A-RGB variants are equipped with two non-illuminated fans in 60 and 120 mm format. The 60mm fan is located directly behind the front of all models and operates at up to 2,300 rpm. There is a maximum space under the cap for a 240 or 280 mm radiator.

The Prodigy M 2022 can accommodate a maximum of one Micro-ATX system with an ATX power supply, a 17.9 cm high CPU cooler and a 33.9 cm long graphics card. Unlike the original Prodigy M, it no longer offers 5.25-inch drive space, but can accommodate up to four 3.5-inch drives and up to five 2.5-inch drives. The main board tray is on the left and rotates 180 degrees. The dimensions of the body are given 250 x 404 x 359 mm (W x H x D). Weight 6.5 kg.

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Buyers not only have a choice between the Prodigy M 2022 and Prodigy M 2022 ARGB, but also between the white and black color variants. The base variants cost €99.90, regardless of color, and the A-RGB variants cost €119.90. BitFenix ​​also offers color-coordinated extension cables.


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