BMW turns the car into a cinema with Amazon: 'theater screen' with 8k resolution

The car manufacturer BMW wants to equip its future luxury class models with a cinematic entertainment system. A 31-inch screen is integrated for this purpose and a wide range of entertainment is offered with Amazon Fire TV.

BMW cork is highlighting at this year’s CES: cinema-quality entertainment is to complement the manufacturer’s luxury-class cars of the future.

To achieve this, BMW is building a 31-inch screen with a resolution of up to 8K in its car models.

Distinction: The screen is located in the front of the car and extends into cinema mode if necessary.

My Stage Mode

With the so-called theater screen, the car manufacturer wants to avoid other common driver and passenger seat screens built into the backs of the two front seats. That’s why a temporary solution was chosen in which the large screen extends only when it is actually needed and used.

By activating the “My Theater Mode”, the screen moves with the help of two side rails and a swivel motion to its display position in front of the passengers seated in the back. At the same time, the sun visors are closed on the side windows and the rear window, and the car lights are dimmed.

The scene is accompanied by background music by German composer Hans Zimmer. Zimmer is known for its epic cinema soundtracks (including Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lion King, and Pearl Harbor) and also composes the electronic vehicle sounds for the Bavarian car factory.

The position of the screen can also then be modified by the audience. The screen has buttons on the left and right edge so they can be easily accessed from both seats.

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Technical details

The 31-inch screen offers up to 8K resolution. However, BMW has not yet announced whether it will be an OLED, LED or LCD screen.

Since BMW’s in-car OS doesn’t offer any apps for streaming services like Netflix or Disney+, the manufacturer is using Amazon’s Fire TV, which is already built into the car.

With 5G, the car then connects to the internet accordingly to be able to access the desired content.


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