Pierre Jean Chalinson attacked by Isabelle Balkani: he takes revenge on him violently and describes him as a

Pierre Jean Chalinson does not intend to be attacked after his secret dinner affair. After Isabelle Balkani caught up with her on Twitter, the former Affaire buyer of the program responded vehemently.

Pierre Jean Challinson had not finished hearing Controversy over illegal dinners. It is suspected that he organized a meal in his famous Vivian mansion and with the complicity of Chef Christophe Leroy, Previous buyer ofThe deal is sealed He continues to claim his innocence or look for excuses. After a period spent in police custody, questioning and searching in his palace, the famous Napoleon collector has no intention of letting him go. And when he is attacked by his illegal jumping order, It resembles Michel Polnarev’s hair It pulls out its claws. And Sophie Davant, his ex-girlfriend in France 2, knows something about her. While the latter admitted that she continued to warn him, he was not listening to her andDrowned in excesses which he could avoid, ” Pierre Jean Challinson responded by attacking her. “As my grandmother says, counselors don’t pay … He expressed his regret on Twitter. I love Sophie, she’s a good friend, but honestly I notice when I’m leavingThe deal is sealedNobody flinched !!! So nothing to add !!!! Hello team spirit, far from Julian [Cohen, ndlr].

“Some witches must be swept in front of their doors.”

It’s not just France Télévisions that pays for her honesty. On his Twitter account, Thus Isabelle Balkani attacked Pierre Jean Challinson Commenting on a caricature of her. “Am I dreaming, am I asleep or really hearing … astonishment, amazement, indignation BJ police officers “wanted” by dozen for a “secret” dinner (among other things!) Pinned by a clown fond of the hype“I wrote on the social network. The words that made the main interested party jump, and which also did not wear gloves, to meet the wife of Patrick Balkani, the former mayor of Levallois Perret.”No but the joke Some witches have to sweep their doors before judgingHe replied. They are the ones who devoured themselves taxpayers for many years … When comedians are emancipated. Kisses to Levallois !!!!!Another clash is not about to calm the debate.

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