Daniel Farke is the head coach of the Bundesliga Club Borussia Mönchengladbach.  On June 5, 2022, the 45-year-old presented himself at a news conference in Borussia Park.

Daniel Farke is the head coach of the Bundesliga Club Borussia Mönchengladbach. On June 5, 2022, the 45-year-old presented himself at a news conference in Borussia Park.

Daniel Fark (45) has been appointed as the new coach Borussia Monchengladbach. In his presentation on Sunday (June 5, 2022), the new coach talked about his philosophy, the way he works and his goals with the club.

Fark and Borussia seem to fit in after the first press conference. The 45-year-old knows how to instantly excite fans. Fark spoke enthusiastically about football, answering questions from reporters wisely and discreetly.

Analysis: That’s why coach Daniel Fark fits Gladbach

Daniel Fork Considered a man-catcher in England. He is still revered by fans in Norwich today. He proved it by appearing on Monsenglatpach.

When initially asked how he copes with the “1-B solution” after the club Lucian Favre (62) Wanting to record, he quickly and wisely replied: “Maybe I can take the ‘1-D solution’, the permanent solution.”

He cited the East Westphalian faith as one of his most important core values. He would have attracted many fans after the prequel Rose frame (45) Abandoned his project at Gladbach two years later Adi Hutter (52) seemed emotionally distant from the club.

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When Fark talks about football, he shines. Anyway, he always has a smile on his face. The 45-year-old tells the truth and openly about how he works with his team of coaches and what his ideas for the future are – a guy that people in the Lower Rhine will appreciate.

In addition, the new Foal coach seems to be the perfect mix of his predecessors in the speech: Rose was the kind of friend who was on par with the players, but his departure tore emotional wounds on the team. Hutter was the opposite of his quiet and isolated demeanor and he was never able to unite the team behind him.

Fark made it clear on Sunday how he envisions a good team leadership. “In modern football, you no longer use the whip, fear and dread to get the best out of it. (…) I think leading a team with empathy is just as important as anything else,” he said. Is the basis. You will not succeed in football only if you have a good knowledge of human nature.

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Content is fundamental because what is happening in the domain is more decisive. But in terms of sportsmanship, it was already clear Sunday that Fark’s commitment would be perfect.

Fark is a football and sports director Roland Virgas (55) requested at the public meeting and described it as “Borussia DNA”: ball and game intelligence should be at the center of the game of cryptocurrency combined with fitness and defensive consistency.

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In Norwich, the coach proved that he could do it by himself. During his first promotion season in 2018/19, his team averaged 58.1 percent possession, and even in the Premier League, the Canaries were eighth with an average possession of 49.4 percent.

Nevertheless, Fark does not stubbornly stick to one system. When asked about this at the press conference he said: We need to clearly define how football should be played. You need to be clear on your basic principles, but of course be flexible.

This flexibility is reflected in his strength in sports training, i.e. reaction and change during play. A feature that was often overlooked by the pioneer Adi Hooter.

In addition, Fark has proven that the game can be successful despite limited funding in the UK. Norwich is a club that sells their best players (expensive) and brings in new young players.

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Virgas reiterated this aspect in the inaugural PK: “He worked with many young players and always had a good structure in his team.”

Defensive system is key to success in the championship: In the 2020/21 promotion season, Norwich had to concede just 36 goals – you look at 46 games this season.

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Even with 57 goals scored in the first year of promotion, the Bundesliga would have scored 43 goals this season, which would have been the third-best value last season.

Defensive consistency at Fark’s previous bases was also a trump card at BVB II (0.77 goals per game) and SV Lippstadt (1.13 goals per game).

For classification: In the last two Bundesliga seasons, Gladbach has conceded an average of 1.72 goals per game – despite being the best goalkeeper like this. Ann Summers (33)

The first press conference pointed out the potential of this coaching selection. If Fark implements his football concept as he did in Norwich and at the same time unites fans, players and the club with his personality, something could develop in Monchengladbach as well. One that brings long-term and sustained success.


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