Brazil wins with a great Neymar

Brazil signed on for the second consecutive Copa America victory on Thursday (4-0) against Peru. Neymar, the second goal scorer, is also involved in his team’s last two achievements.

Brazil easily beat Peru 4-0 in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday in Copa America Group B match day 2. Selanao quickly opened the scoring before Alex Sandro (12th) scored before flying in the second period.

Neymar, who joined Carbel “Kabigol” Barbosa in attacking, signed a superb performance by scoring the second goal with a cross shot from the opponent’s area (68th). He has been involved in the last two achievements of his team. He replaced Everton Ribeiro’s (88th) decisive Richardson before discovering a new decisive change in the ball for Roberto Firmino in the appearance of the last goal scored by Richardson (93rd).

Nine lengths from Pele’s record

The PSG striker, who unveiled a new hairstyle with dyed yellow hair, marks the most noticeable start to the competition. He had already scored in Selenao’s first easy win against Venezuela (3-0). His new record allows him to access nine lengths of Pele’s goal record with Seleu (77 goals).

Thanks to this new victory, the host country led its group with just six points, two points ahead of Colombia, who were 0-0 up in the match against Venezuela a few hours ago in Guinea.

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