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But it’s time
Rammstein announced the new album

Ten years have passed between two recent Rammstein albums. Lindemann and Co. did not want fans to wait so long this time. So, less than three years later, they have already announced the release of a new long player. Title: “Time”.

Rammstein is back after a relatively short creative break: the new album “Zeit” will be released on April 29, 2022.

Rumor has it for some time that the band’s eighth long player was recorded at La Fabric Studios in France. According to the announcement, the band has been working on eleven new songs for two years. In total there will be three versions of “Zeit”: standard CD, special edition CD and dual vinyl LP.

The title track already exists. In it, lead player Dill Lindemann sings in piano tones and a singer sings about the rapid joy of the right moment.

Rammstein as obstetrician

The video for the unusually melancholic solo was also screened this Thursday. Although it is very poetic at the moment, it has at least one controversial scene. Rammstein musicians, working as midwives – can be seen in close-up.

The cover of the album is by Canadian singer Brian Adams, who has made photography his second major. The 62-year-old photographed the band on the Trudeau terminal stairs at the Berlin-Adlershop, a monument to aviation research.

Tour soon

The B-pages also promise a special musical experience: most of them were arranged by Grammy-nominated Icelandic neo-classical artist Olafar Arnolds and are said to sound “meditative-atmospheric”.

With “Zeit” Rammstein is releasing a new album in less than three years. The untitled predecessor was released in May 2019. Ten years have passed since the band recorded an album after “Liebe ist for all alle da” in 2009.

In the spring and summer of 2022, Rammstein will be back on the big stage: a tour of more than 40 concerts in Europe and North America is scheduled from May to October.

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