Microsoft It is one of the companies promoting the possibility of playing anywhere. By subscribing, little by little, it has added platforms and hardware to access many of the major video games. However, this does not mean that I neglect the owners of the one Xbox console And announced that at Christmas they will be allowed to enjoy Addresses from the cloud.

Microsoft You are moving to the next stage of your plan to achieve it Xbox Cloud games to as many devices as possible, and in this sense, during his presentation on Gamescom, announced that as of the end of the year, Xbox Game Pass UltimateHe will be able to access cloud games from keyboards Xbox X/S And Xbox One.

According to the company, players They will be able to launch more than 100 games without having to download them first. This also means that at some point in the future, the owners of Xbox One They will be able to play some titles Siri X/S. across the clouds, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator. Users will be able to tell that the address is supported by this service if they see a cloud icon next to it in a library game arcade.

finally Microsoft He said that through this new option players They will be able to access titles in 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second.

Xbox Cloud games

We must remember that Xbox Cloud games Now available on phones, tablets and computers. Since the open beta, players You can visit the website of xCloud And start playing some of the games included in our library game arcade through your browser. On PC, the service is compatible with Edge and Chrome, while on iOS it can be accessed through Safari.

The service has more than 100 games available and users can enjoy the experience through Bluetooth or USB-connected controllers, or through custom touch controls for some video game.

Microsoft Also shared that he uses hard hardwaree Xbox Series X. to enhance the experience xCloud So those with a fast enough internet connection can play games in 1080p resolution and up to 60 frames per second.

As part of this model from cloud games It is also known that Microsoft Working with TV manufacturers to make the TV app available soon. X-Box On a smart TV that will be based on xCloud transmission technology.

As far as is known, the alternative will be available as an app on TVs. To do this, the company partners with global manufacturers to integrate the expertise of game arcade Directly on TVs connected to the Internet, so all you need to play is a console.

The company is also claimed to be developing a standalone streaming device that can connect a TV or monitor to access the Xboz experience.

however, Microsoft It has not announced exactly when these options will be available.

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