CAB beats Toulon 17-10 and gives itself some strength in the standings

10 points in three consecutive home games, Brivistes has secured his contract and is now 8 points clear of the red zone.

Before 9149 spectators And a beautiful tifo, it’s a very important match in the race to keep what was at stake. And in this small game, Corréziens is clearly very difficult to deal with.

Stressed by the challenge, it took both teams a while to really start, and it wasn’t until the ninth minute to see the first nice move, a breakthrough by Olding, imitated shortly thereafter by Muller. Brivistes are rewarded for their efforts by getting a penalty passed out old age, 3-0 (13e).

10 minutes later, it was a solo achievement Toikovo That CAB widens the gap. The 3/4 position of the Fijian makes his stick and his sense of dribbling talk about his first attempt at the game, 8-0.

After switching fails, aging take penalty kicks, 11-0 (24e).

3 points it “returned” below in his step, 11-3 (26 AH).

And after the failure of Korez Scrum, Bello had the opportunity to add 3 points in the foot, but it was lost (30).

At 34, Ljorand tried to raise his own goal, but the ball was back in Farr’s hands, and Winkolo went to the Promised Land unopposed, 11-10, scored in the first half.

Returning from the locker room, the visitors got the first penalty kick in the opposite camp, but Bello stumbled on the post (44).

unlike aging Whoever finds the 40-meter target, 14-10 (49e).

On the clock ticking, Alainuese received the first yellow card for a game that had been fairly clean up until then, in a dangerous gesture for Bituniyata.

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After a superb penetration by Lobzhanidze, Brivistes scratched a penalty kick, but Olding missed his attempt (64).

At 68, Bello missed a bold drop.

Herveyskips his streak at 78 after a very good Brive streak, 10-17.

And the last scrum to turn into a Korean attacking show, CAB won!!

With defeats to Perpignan and Biarritz, this Saturday is perfect for Corezine who sees maintenance at the end of the road. Jeremy Davidson’s men are 10th, 8 points behind USAP and the red area.


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