Carlos Trejo's lawyer confirmed that his fight with Alfredo Adams has not yet begun
Alfredo Adam’s fighting style

In the last years, Alfredo Adam He was embroiled in controversy over his comments towards Andrea Legarreta, his last street fight with a married couple and his partner. Clashes continue with Carlos Trego. When the actor seemed to have taken a truce, he returned to engage in a fight, but this time with the well-known ghost hunter’s attorney.

The events took place last Tuesday, April 5, during a press conference presented by a man from Guadalajara at a venue in Mexico City to announce a new confrontation between him and Carlos Trigo, but things got out of hand when Manuel Montalvo, the Ghostbuster’s legal representative, confronts him, and unleashes his annoyance.

After what happened, the video spread on social networks, where Some netizens criticized the actor for his violent actions while others mocked the situation Because it’s not the first time this has happened. Among the opinions, the possibility emerged that the fight was nothing more than a montage.

Carlos Trejo’s legal representative (Capture from YouTube: Image Entertainment)

Carlos Trigo and Manuel Montalvo explained their version of events in front of the programme’s cameras first hand. First of all, the lawyer commented that, contrary to rumors, he would never participate in a fictitious show and confirmed that the confrontation was real.

No, this is not a montage. I don’t lend myself to this kind of thing. What happened there was that Alfredo explained what was on his mind and then gave the floor to the businessman’s lawyer, and they said that even Alfredo had already signed.”

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According to his testimony, the announcer summoned the media to announce the resumption of the fight that had been agreed upon a few years ago with the Mexico City native.

Chumel Torres mocking Alfredo Adams after his new fall (Image: Twitter/ChumelTorres)
Chumel Torres mocking Alfredo Adams after his new fall (Image: Twitter/ChumelTorres)

After hearing this information, the attorney asked to speak to deny the confrontation because he and the ghost hunter were not aware of it. He also took the opportunity to defend and talk about his client Why did the battle they had already planned not happen When both parties agree.

Mr. Alfredo began to insult me, so I say: ‘The one who didn’t go to the fight is you, on the day of the press conference, the bottle thing happened, what did you do?’ You did nothing, and then you didn’t show up on the day of the fight.” […] He was what I was pretending to be a scammerManuel Montalvo commented.

According to his account, two people close to the 63-year-old interpreter approached him to ask him to remain silent, so that the woman would have tried to cover her mouth with one hand, but she would not allow herself to do so.

Photo: Twitter Capture
Photo: Twitter Capture

He added, “How sad the situation arose, but the man allowed me to come so I grabbed and took off my glasses and said: I will defend myself.” “It’s not choreography‘, repeat before questions about the possibility of a montage:I guess I would have done it with a public person, I’m not a middle person“.

Carlos Trigo intervened in the interview, saying that prior to the press conference he had received messages with loud words from someone from Alfredo Adam’s team. The ghost hunter didn’t want to reveal the name and no evidence appeared

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‘You threaten that he was, and that he is not a coward, and that sooner or later I will come across him, that is, he was already threatening. I issue the name so as not to give him fame, but I told him: ‘Look, I will ask you a favour, I think you and I treat each other politely and you are a lady,’ With you I would never, in my life, do any kind of business.

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