Claude Lelouch et Sandrine Bonnaire, le 21 décembre 2021

This Tuesday afternoon, Claude Lelouch The director of the fifty films, and Sandrine Bonnier The actress who embodied noticeably Jan Dark by Jacques Rivette (1994), they were present at the Pathé d’Orléans to present “Love is better than lifeWhich will be shown in theaters on January 19, it is a comedy movie in the words of the director Not as dramatic as that.. Claude Lelouch and Sandrine Bonnier visited the France Bleu Orléans studios on this occasion.

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Ten years after his last visit to Orleans To show his documentary.From one movie to anotherOscar-winning director ofa man and a womanHe reiterated his love for France: “I love France, that’s why I shoot my films there all the time. For me, the center of the world, the most beautiful country in the world, is France, Italy and Spain, one block cradle of the Mediterranean. I have around the world so many times, I’ve never seen anything more beautiful than Before “.

For her part, Sandrine Bonnier, on France Bleu Orleans microphone, returned for her role in “Jeanne la Pucelle” in 1994, and evoked the memory of the city of Orleans: “I’m still special with that day of shooting with Jack Rivett, kind of an adventure, a very important moment.”

The actress also explained how much she enjoyed filming Lelouch : “It’s a joy, he’s a great director, I’m so proud to have him in my career, he’s already a very great man in human terms, someone who makes you beautiful, he’ll look for you the best and truest you have, and I love that, every time I shoot with him I feel happy”

Sandrine Bonnier and Gerard Darmon, starring Claude Lelouch in his latest film
Sandrine Bonnier and Gerard Darmon, starring Claude Lelouch in his latest film
The movie “Love is better than life” (Shows in theaters 01/19/2022)

“Love is better than life”, Written by Claude Lellouche, with Gérard Darmon, Sandrine Bonnier, Philippe Lellouche or Ari Abetan, Released in cinemas as of January 19, 2022.

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