Once upon a time there was a television station that wanted to mix two well-known forms, thereby airing a fun show for its subjects on the television kingdom on St. Nicholas Eve.

On the one hand, Sat TV, the well-known television broadcaster, picked up the advanced comedy “Schillerstraße” (2004-2011) and, secondly, ProSieben’s “Fairy Tale Time” (2006-2012). But the TV broadcaster did not have the slightest success in the new creation and created the show “Comedy Fairy Tale Hour”, which unfortunately only brought some laughter.

Sat.1 announced its “Comedy Fairy Tale Hour” as follows: “In front of a live audience, a Christmas fairy tale will be performed by the main guests in four acts and with many advanced comedies. Funny instructions to the playwright come back again and again in the fairy tale.

But there are no “lots of advanced humor” or many “fun instructions” …

Fairy Tale Female Power: Judith Williams, Mirza Bose, Susan Cideropoulos and Mimi Feitler (from left) were part of “Comedy Fairytale Hour”.Photo: SAT.1 / Ben Bagalsky

Initially it was about a fairy tale called “Cinderella”.

Uwe Ochsenknecht, 65, was the play’s director, and was seen as Cinderella’s angry and annoying stepmother Judith Williams, 50, her two daughters Susan Sideropoulos, 41, and Mimi Feitler, 46, and Mirza Bose, 50. The most attractive prince was played by rapper Echo Fresh (38).

Amidst the folk drama, paradoxical performances and the humiliating performances of strangers, this fairy tale attempt was frightening. Improving the idea of ​​”Schillerstrasse”? Unfortunately, this is what it looked like: Ochenknecht had a magic ball and was able to stop the performance with that. “Then I give our fairy tale stars tasks that they have to solve spontaneously and without preparation.”

Uwe Ochsenknecht gave a magic ball to the fairy uncle

Uwe Ochsenknecht gave a magic ball to the fairy unclePhoto: SAT.1 / Ben Bagalsky

However, these missions are magical – and often meaningless. Example: Once all three daughters had to sing “It’s Raining Men” with stepmother diving paddles.

Only one development was fun – Echo Fresh and Mirza Bose had to switch dialects in one scene.

Rapper with glass shoe: Echo Fresh becomes the new prince

Rapper with glass shoe: Echo Fresh becomes the new princePhoto: SAT.1 / Ben Bagalsky

Instead there were many texts in rhyme form with even more puns (“You make me angry that you did not play your prince.”). Sometimes serious, sometimes contradictory, sometimes funny, sometimes deliberately fun, and often deliberately not fun at all. But it didn’t fit together somehow. What do you want now?

Pity! Because the set and all the costumes were so lovingly set up especially on stage at Europa Park. The introduction was also like a fairy tale and set the mood.

Then there were some highlights! Wigald Boning (54) and Volker “Zack” Michalowski (50) were music-making birds with wonderful fools. Lots of jokes) Someone as a servant of the prince bought tips and pranks.

Martin Schneider (left) created some amazing fun moments

Martin Schneider (left) created some amazing fun momentsPhoto: SAT.1 / Ben Bagalsky

Pocher and Schneider were often guests on the improved comedy “Schillerstraße” and at least they knew how to get something out of a fairy tale format.

This is how the audience reacted

Local audiences celebrated the show. On TV, however, the little magic came. Only a few viewers commented on Twitter about the beginning of the fairy tale. The perpetrators were not amused.

One user wrote: “It’s so bad, I do not even know what to say.” Another user was noticeably disappointed: “I thought it would be nice … but no. A shame.” Among the audience’s laughter, one viewer wondered: “Are the audience already overwhelmed or why are they all laughing heartily at such mild jokes?”

If the audience hadn’t turned off yet, they wouldn’t be laughing today. Results.

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