Dead by Daylight is free for a limited time


Written by: Nicolás Vásquez | 11-25-21

Who does not like to get free games?Well, if you like horror games, multiplayer and have content related to Resident Evil Silent HillNote that we have a big surprise. What happens is that they will soon be distributing copies of He died in broad daylight.

From December 2nd to 9th, it was Epic Games Store It will be given away completely free Died in broad daylight for all of its users. It will also be accompanied by While it is true: Learn.

If you don’t know them, the former is a multiplayer horror game. One of the players will play the role of the killer and the rest will be survivors. As you can imagine, the dynamics are very simple, because the killer’s task is to finish them all, while they are trying to escape.

Secondly White True: Learn It is a simulation and puzzle game that will help you understand machine learning and related technologies. According to its developers, this project will help you improve your problem-solving skills by putting difficult puzzles on yourself.

So you know that from December 2nd to 9th, you will have the opportunity to play both games that will give you hours of fun.

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