Dikana, Dumerk ... These athletes were decorated on January 1st

Many personalities from the French sports world were decorated with the Legion of Honor and the National Order of Merit in the January 1 civil promotions.

At the suggestion of the President and government ministers, many personalities from the French sports world appeared in the January 1 civil advertisement of the Legion of Honor. Their names are coming out this Saturday Official newspaper, “Reward for the best merits received in the service of the nation under a civilian ability or under arms”.

Valerie Garnier, the former coach of the French women’s basketball team, was already a knight in the Legion of Honor in 2013 and was decorated as an officer on January 1, 2022. As head of the Blues since 2013, the former Borges coach has not returned. For his post after the Tokyo Olympics, he ended up with a bronze medal.

Another former basketball player who attracted attention: Celine Dumerk. The general manager of the French Basketball Association and former captain of the French team was honored at the age of 39 for his 26 years of service. Became a Knight of the National Order of Merit in 2013, this time he was inducted into the Legion of Honor. With 262 selections, he holds the record for most selections by a French basketball team, both men and women.

Former footballer Jean Diegana was also knighted at the Legion of Honor. The former general manager of SC Toulon since February 2021, the former Bordeaux coach has been rewarded for his 47 years of service. Former cyclist Charles Coste (97), Olympic champion during the 1948 London Olympics, former tennis player Isabel Demonzot (55) and chairman of the French Handicrafts Federation, vice president and vice chairman of the Quizline Westlink Paralympic Committee Graduated.

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92,000 members

Published in the Official Journal on Saturday, this new civilian ad of the Legion of Honor is the highest of the French national differences, Rewards for a total of 547 people, “Popular or unknown to the general public”, are divided into different teams (knights, officers, generals …). With the July 14 promotion, the January 1 promotion marks one of the Legion of Honor’s two annual civil promotions.

Founded by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802, the Legion of Honor now has 92,000 members, rewarding civilians and soldiers for their “excellent merit in service to the nation.” Eligibility criteria are related to the quality, reputation and longevity of the services provided to France.


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