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Journey to discover Turkey's unique historical heritage and landscape on board the new Mesopotamian Express: All Stages of an Epic Itinerary

Published: 1-6-2024 07:30Updated: 5-31-2024 at 8.54 pm

Rail travel is at its peak, with a plethora of new railway lines offering passengers unforgettable experiences around the world. The latest example of this trend is the new trend Mesopotamia Express, A train takes visitors on an epic journey through the areaAnatoliaThe cradle of numerous populations and civilizations since prehistoric times, revealing Turkey's historical treasures and landscapes in an unprecedented way. Let's discover all the stages of this wonderful journey.

Journey through Türkiye's history on the Mesopotamia Express Train

With a road 1,051 km From the capital, Ankara, to Diyarbakir, a city located on the Kurdistan Plateau, in southeastern Turkey, the itinerary passes through steep mountainous landscapes and some of the country's most important historical sites. It can accommodate the Mesopotamia Express train Up to 180 passengersIn general, the trip takes a long time 24 hourswith approximately three to four hour stops at each destination to allow visitors to explore local sites and culture.

The launch of the Mesopotamia Express is part of a broader nationwide initiative to encourage visitors to explore Turkey's off-the-beaten-path but equally fascinating destinations, beyond popular destinations such as Istanbul and Antalya, which were recently declared two of the most visited destinations. Cities in the world.

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“This is not an ordinary train journey, but a journey through time, crossing the picturesque Turkish landscapes and discovering the country's hidden cultural gems.”He explained to BBC Jeffrey Weill, President of Weill Associates, represented the Turkish Tourism Development and Promotion Agency (TGA).

All stages of the Al-Rafidain Express Train

From Ankara, the first stop of the Mesopotamian High Speed ​​​​Train is Medina KayseriIt is considered the gateway to the Cappadocia region. The city is known for its labyrinthine markets and well-preserved ancient Seljuk architecture, as well as its stunning sights. Mount ErciyesIt is an inactive volcano overlooking the city and is very popular among climbers and skiers. Here you can explore beautiful historical sites, including Kayseri Castle, the Grand Mosque, the Honat Hatun Complex, and the Gohar Nusseibeh Museum of the History of Medicine.

Then the train continues towards Malatya, one of the largest cities in Anatolia. This region has served as a crossroads of trade and cultural exchange between East and West for nearly 7,000 years. Visitors also have the opportunity to explore the vast orchards Apricot, to which a festival is also dedicated in July. Don't miss the opportunity to visit its impressive archaeological museum, which houses a large collection of artifacts that trace the history of the region from ancient civilizations to the present day.

Elazig It's the next stop on the train. Built in the shadow of the ancient town of Harput, it offers a rich historical and natural heritage, with unique attractions Harbut CastleA UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the Izzat Pasha Mosque, built in 1866, to Lake Hazar, which is a crystalline body of water located between the mountains.

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The last stop of the Mesopotamian Express is Diar Baker, One of the oldest cities in the world, built by the Romans in 297 AD, it boasts among its tourist attractions a castle listed among many Turkish sites declared a World Heritage Site, in addition to… Hevsel Gardens700 hectares of cultivated and fertile land near the Tigris River, just a few steps from the center. Diyarbakir Ulu Mosque, which is the oldest in Anatolia, is also worth a visit.


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