Dozens of flights from Tel Aviv have been cancelled, including to Italy

Dozens of flights departing and arriving at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv to and from many cities around the world, including European capitals, were cancelled, according to what was read on the Israeli airport gate, due to the missile attacks launched on the country. This morning from Hamas.

Panic moments for passengers who landed during the bombing of Tel Aviv: As photos posted on Twitter show, they were forced to lie on the ground while sirens sounded.

Moments of real panic among passengers lying on the asphalt of the runways.

Last flight to Rome at 9pm

Flights to and from Brussels, Berlin, Warsaw, as well as New Delhi, Frankfurt, Vienna and many other cities, which were scheduled until dawn on Sunday, were cancelled, according to the airport’s website. Departures to several Italian destinations have been cancelled: Rome, Milan, Bergamo and Venice. At the moment, for Italy, there is only one flight of the Israeli airline El Al leaving for the capital at 9pm “on time”.

Lufthansa cancels everything

Lufthansa has canceled all scheduled flights to and from Israel today. A spokesperson for the German airline told LaPresse. The spokesman explained, “The only flight that has been preserved for today is the return flight from Tel Aviv to Frankfurt. Otherwise, given the current situation, we have canceled all other flights scheduled for today.” The spokesman added that Lufthansa is “monitoring the situation” and will decide “any further cancellations” within the next few hours.

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The appeal of safe travel

“After the huge launch of Missiles In various locations across the country, Israeli authorities declared a state of alert affecting all locations within an 80-kilometre radius of the Gaza Strip. “Our citizens are urged to avoid any unnecessary movement, maintain maximum attention, stay informed and follow the instructions of local authorities,” we read in an update on the State Department’s Safe Travel Portal, “following the attacks launched by Hamas on Israel from the Gaza Strip. “Citizens in the areas adjacent to the Gaza Strip, in the Golan, and in nearby areas are advised to follow with special attention the safety instructions proposed by the Home Front Command,” we read in another update that the portal invites all citizens to contact the Embassy in Tel Aviv, the Consulate General in Jerusalem, and the Crisis Unit in case of emergency. . “All citizens of the country are invited to download and activate the Crisis Unit application, by activating geolocation and registering your presence. Alternatively, use the DovesiamoNelMondo website. Air connections to and from Israel are subject to changes depending on the companies. It is recommended to check with the airlines directly to ensure the flight will operate.” “.

Ministry of the Interior: Strengthening measures to protect Jewish targets

Meanwhile, on Italian territory, the Ministry of the Interior alerted the provinces to convene regional commissions for order and public safety, with the participation of the heads of local Jewish communities, with the aim of strengthening protection measures for sensitive Jewish targets throughout Italy. In terms of preventive analysis of the situation, there are currently no specific warnings.

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Belgium cancels flights and alert in Antwerp

Belgium has canceled two scheduled flights today from Brussels to Tel Aviv operated by Brussels Airlines, and tour operator Tui has announced it will not send any tourists to Israel until October 21. Government sources did not rule out organizing humanitarian flights to return those wishing to leave the country. At the same time, authorities raised the alert to ensure safety in the Jewish quarter of Antwerp, famous for its large community of Orthodox Jews and diamond processing.


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