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Iran sanction waivers will be renewed
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Iran sanction waivers will be renewed

Former Iranian representative for OPEC believes that Saudi Arabia is unable to offset the lack of Iranian oil on the market, leading to a probable price rise to USD 100bp. This has led the US to accept Iranian oil as a market reality and grant sanctions relief to eight countries who need to purchase oil from Iran.

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Mogherini not attending US anti-Iran summit


An EU spokesperson has pointed to the compact agenda of Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, saying she will probably be unable to fit the anti-Iran summit in Poland in her work schedule.

Ecocide warning for the Caspian Sea


According to finds by Iranian researchers, water levels in the Caspian Sea have dropped in recent years and the effluent of pollutants and agricultural and urban wastewaters into the Sea has increased its organic load and decreased oxygen levels. This will transform the Caspian Sea in the deeper parts into a dead environment.

Ex-diplomat: Not only China, but Russia, India, Turkey will leave Iran


Former Iranian Ambassador to China believes: “A turnover of directors and change of regulations in Iran means that Beijing will not make long-term plans to work with Tehran. It is against this backdrop that large state-owned Chinese companies have left Iran during the sanctions period.”

Iran: US dangerous country for journalists now


The Spokesperson for Iran’s Foreign Ministry has responded to the arrest of Press TV journalist upon entering the US.

Protests are growing in Iran


A reformist Iranian political analyst believes: “Tensions are likely to reoccur due to economic problems created by sanctions, but the only way out of the existing crisis and bridging the gap between the people and the government is to accept that the problem exists and make some reforms from inside the system.”

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Ambassador honors Bern University professor


Iran’s Ambassador to Switzerland Mohammad Reza Haji Karim Jabbari on Monday appreciated the Swiss Iranologist Professor Johann Christoph Burgel for his outstanding contributions to the Islamic and Iranian studies as well as his invaluable translations in the field of Persian language and history.

Zarif: US continues violation of black civil rights


The Iranian foreign minister has condemned the continued detention of an Iranian female journalist in US jails, saying that the US government still violates human rights of black people, reports Mehr News.

Leo Rojas returns to Iran in March


Ecuadorian pan flutist Juan Leonardo Santillán Rojas, known as Leo Rojas, is to travel to Iran to have his second concert titled 'Son of the Sun', named after one of Rojas' hit songs, on March 7-8.

Iran: We will never allow a coalition against our interests


Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said on Monday that Iran has always been seeking to establish peace and stability in the region, but it will never allow any country to build coalition against its interests in the region or outside.

Iran's military ranking surpasses Israel


A US military website has ranked Iran’s military strength as 13th in the world for 2018 above Israel’s ranking.