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Iran's economic growth in 2019 - Negative or positive?
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Iran's economic growth in 2019 - Negative or positive?

The Research Center of Iran’s Islamic Legislative Assembly has recently published a report on oil forecasts for 2018-2019, announcing that Iran’s economic growth in 2019 will be negative. The Economist has also painted a bleak future for Iran in 2019. Nevertheless, Iran’s Minister of Finance has said that 2019 will not see a negative economic growth.

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17-Year old Iranian girl reaches WT Championships final


The 17-year old Taekwondo fighter, Mahla Momenzadeh, has reached the World Taekwondo Championships final to become Iran’s second woman finalist in the history of its game.

Marc Wilmots takes on Team Melli coaching


The President of the Iranian Football Federation, Mahdi Taj, has announced that Marc Wilmots from Belgium is now Iran’s new Team Melli coach.

Iranian film to be screened in 2019 Cannes market


“Meshmesheh” [Glanders], written and directed by Shahed Ahmadlou will premiere on the international scene at the 2019 Cannes market of the Cannes Film Festival.

Iranian woman musician shines in Europe


The new Schiller album called “Morgenstund” which is fusion music recorded with Iranian musicians was released internationally in March this year. They have now started their tour in which Yalda Abbasi, Iranian woman musician, also plays the dotar.

Russia will not take Iran’s side as tensions rise


A Russian affairs analyst in Iran believes: “The main addressees of Putin’s recent speech were Europe and the US. But, Russia will not take Iran’s side as tensions rise and, essentially, it is not in a position to help Iran.”

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Zarif to Trump: Never threaten an Iranian


Iran’s top diplomat tweeted at Trump, emphasizing: “Try respect—it works!”

Iran is the third producer of honey in the world


The Deputy Minister of Iran’s Agricultural Jihad has said: “Iran is the world’s third producer of honey in the world with an annual production of 90 thousand tons per year.”

Girl footballers suspended in Iran for fighting in a match


The Football Federation of Iran Disciplinary Committee has suspended five girl players and a coach until further notice for fighting in a match.

86 percent fewer mobile sets imported by Iran


Imports of mobile sets to Iran have decreased by 86 percent in March 2019 as compared to March 2018.

British Special Forces deployed to the Persian Gulf to counter Iran


BRITISH Special Forces have flown to the Middle East as part of a top secret mission to combat any Iranian attacks on merchant ships, it's been reported.