Elmar Weber worries about his sick brother Fritz:

Interest in the series’ star Fritz Weber is huge. After tumor surgery, he is still in an Austrian clinic. Now his brother is commenting on the “For Heaven” actor’s case.

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Fans have been worried about actor Fritz Weber since he announced he was suffering from cancer and had to finally go to the hospital. Mayim, who is known for his role in the ARD series “Mother of Himmels Willin”, has been in a hospital in Austria for several weeks. His younger brother, actor Elmar Weber, is concerned about the 79-year-old.

“he is fine”

Elmar Weber told Bild: “I love my brother. My heart is on him. I hope everything ends well and he can return home soon.” Weber, a 76-year-old who lives in the Munich area, said he is allowed to visit his older brother in the hospital repeatedly – sometimes for half an hour, sometimes for an hour. About his brother’s current health, he said, “Fritz is fine. Sometimes it’s worse, sometimes he’s more present again. Doctors treat this very carefully and deliberately.”

Fritz Weber announced in February this year that he had melanoma. At the same time, he was optimistic in an interview with Bild, because metastases were declining at that time. A few weeks later, at the beginning of March, Wepper was hospitalized with pain and had to undergo emergency surgery. During the operation, doctors reportedly removed a lump in the belly of the star. His sister-in-law Anita Weber said in a report on Weber’s health that he is improving. That remains the case, his brother’s words indicate.

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