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The South African businessman promises that his company’s vehicles will be parked in front of a person wearing a T-shirt with the ‘Stop’ sign.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO Event This Thursday is called Tesla Artificial Intelligence (AI) Day.

One of the attendees asked the multifaceted South African businessman if he was concerned about the lack of 3D sensors in his company’s vehicles. “Enemy Attacks”.

“We didn’t see much of it,” Musk replied. “Actually, I have a T-shirt with the ‘Stop’ sign on it. If you flash the car, it’s stopped … I’m proven it,” Moghlon said, causing the audience to laugh.

In this sense, he said, “Obviously, if you look at the attacks of these enemies, the person wearing a T-shirt with the ‘Stop’ sign can really train cars again to notice that it is not a sign.”

Ongoing investigation

The event comes as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Monday faced more scrutiny from U.S. officials over the company’s autonomous driving systems. Advertising Investigation into 11 accidents involving Tesla’s auto pilot.

Last July, a viral tweet He showed Like a Tesla auto pilot Confusing again and again Moon with traffic light Yellow when driving on the highway, so I slowed down.

Other owners of cars made by Musk, which introduced a beta version of the ‘Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control’ feature earlier last year, say their vehicles have been deceived by billboards, sun, trucks and Burger King signs.

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