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Spain, Portugal and France reached an agreement on power link Between the Iberian Peninsula and France itself, abandoned the Pyrenees pipeline project in favor of a new one Barcelona and Marseille connectionwhich is a green lane In the future it will be able to carry hydrogenOr but for now it will be used by gas. This was stated by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. He explained that “Spain has the ability to regasify gas that can deal with the demands of solidarity.” It will be bilateral interconnection and the Iberian Peninsula will get electricity from France.

Macron announced that he will travel to Spain in December to finish a new energy project with Spain and Portugal. “This morning we had a meeting with Spain and Portugal on interdependence and closed a joint political agreement that stipulates that Abandoning the historic MidCat project To promote a project that we will be working on in the coming weeks to “connect” the Iberian Peninsula and build green energy corridor Between Portugal, Spain, France and the rest of Europe.”

He pointed out that “the goal – he added – is to work on intensifying our electrical interconnection and work on linking hydrogen and renewable energy between Barcelona and Marseille,” noting that the project is an “important element of solidarity.”

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