On Monday, September 13, Eric Nolio is invited to detail the relationships between Eric Zemmour and Laurent Roquier duringWe are not in bed, After their heated exchanges last Saturday in We are alive.

The reunion between Laurent Ruquier and Eric Zemmour was powerful in We are alive This coming Saturday in France, September 11th, ten years after the host split from the former columnistWe are not in bed. The two TV men settled their scores. Laurent Roquier accused his guest of writing “anything” About him in his new book. present in a group Don’t touch my TV On Monday, September 13, Eric Nolio lamented that there were old quarrels on the air. Criticize ‘Discussions were not up to par’ : “They were so intoxicated by their enmities towards each other that they could no longer find intellectual arguments.”, confirmed. Later, the one we found in Paris Premiere described the relations between two enemies of the Pakistan Air Force at a timeWe are not in bed.

“Ruquier is the worst thing for him”

Eric Naulleau has shared the antenna for many years with Laurent Ruquier and Eric Zemmour. They all reached the climax of the second part of the evening of France 2. After good years, the star host of France Television decided to terminate the contract of the malicious debate in 2011. Since then, the agreement does not look good. , as evidenced by their exchanges in We are alive. As the two men were topping the weekend news with their violent clash, Cyril Hanouneh wanted to know more about the two men’s relationship before the gap widened. Zamour makes the difference between an individual and what he represents. He may have sympathy for the individual Ruquier but for him, Ruquier is all the worseIt’s Bobo the Left (…) I think Eric Zemmour must have felt sympathy for Laurent Roquer.”, to reply.

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“Crazy dogs”

But that relative sympathy is over today. Behind the scenes, the polemicist thanked CNews did not fail to criticize the co-hostsWe are alive, assuring Kristen Kelly that she was received by “Crazy dogs” or qualify the offer as “Trap” To his friend Eric Naulu. Atmosphere.

Don’t touch my TV, To find it completely in the application my canal.


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