FBC Melgar won and remains a leader in Apertura: the real 'Lion' |  League 1 |  Nestor Lorenzo |  Lima Alliance |  Carlos Bustos |  Sports

“I was quite surprised by your appointment Nestor Lorenzo. He is not superior to Alberto Gameiro (DT of Millonarios), he is not superior to Hernán Torres (DT of Deportes Tolima), he is not superior to Alexis García (DT of La Equidad). Jorge, the World Cup coach, said I don’t know if he knows how to work, the truth is I’ve never seen him before, but he doesn’t have the advantages of reaching the national team status, at this moment in the world.” Luis Pinto talks about the formalization of Nestor Lorenzo is the new coach of Colombia.His feeling is also that of an important sector in the city of coffee, who does not know Lorenzo’s work as head coach of Melgar. The truth is that his team’s numbers speak for themselves: the deserved 2021 Sudamericana Cup (second with 10 points), a ranking for the Round of 16 in the 2022 Copa Sudamericana leaving Racing de Avellaneda and today, eight consecutive victories in the opening. Not bad, right?


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