Find the Alaskan theme park charged by bears on the mountain trail

Search teams in Alaska were searching Wednesday for a park lost since early Tuesday morning when they reported being threatened by bears on a mountain pass near Anchorage. Alaska State Forces said in a statement that the search began after the park called her husband for help, telling him she had been charged by “several bears.” She told her husband that she had fired bear spray at the attacking animals.

Shortly after she called for help, the soldiers said, she stopped answering phone calls and text messages. The passenger’s name has not been revealed. Troops, the Alaskan National Guard, volunteers and search dogs have been scouring the corridor area since early Tuesday by land and air, the soldiers’ statement said.

The search location is Pioneer Peak, about 40 miles northwest of Anchorage. Over the weekend, a bear beat up the sleeping camp at Kenai National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Leah Askelen, a shelter guard, said campers were attacked in their tent around midnight Saturday.

She said the wounded got quick help from the other camp in the area and were able to leave the area.

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