Le F 150 Lightning De Ford Comprend Un Adaptateur Pour Recharger

In short: Smartphones like those in Samsung’s Galaxy range have long had a power-sharing feature that lets you share juice with other devices, watches or headphones in a jiffy. The all-new Ford F-150 Lightning electric also offers similar features that the new owner learned recently.

Browsing the accessories included with the car, the user came across a portable power cord, a 14-30 to 14-50 adapter, and a Tesla J1772 adapter. Other forum members spent a field day with the prospect of coming to rescue a stuck Teslas.

“We can help all these poor dead Tesla dead,” he wrote in the original poster. Another user joked, “I’ll add a ‘Tesla Rescue Squad’ sticker.”

When asked for comment, a Ford representative told The Verge that the F-150 Lightning could charge other electric vehicles using its two-way charging capability. “We are shipping our first Lightnings products with adapters so that F-150 Lightning customers can lend a helping hand if needed,” the spokesperson added.

Depending on the trim model, the F-150 Lightning can output 2.4 kW or 9.6 kW from a variety of connectors in the cabin, bed and front trunk.

Tesla sells the J1772 charging adapter on its website for $50. According to the listing, it is compatible with most public Tier 2 charging stations and supports charging speeds of up to 19.2 kW. The adapter comes standard with any Tesla purchase, we’re told.

As Electrek points out, the inclusion of the adapter with the Lightning truck is likely just a marketing ploy by Ford and a blow to Tesla competition. However, it may be useful in rare cases.

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